kratom student use

Many swear by it, regulators are trying to ban it and there is a lot happening around Kratom. Kratom is a plant derived from a specific type of coffee tree grown in south east asia. It’s effects includes pain relief, increased concentration and drive. People tend to get more focused and calm in stressed situations, some students have even started taking Kratom instead of Advil as they feel it’s milder for the body in terms of negative effects.

We have followed student Steven Johnson when he sets out to study for 2 exams. Steven has a diagnosis for ADHD and he swears that Kratom makes life easier for him.

“Usually my focus is all over the place, I can’t sit down and just study without breaks. This was a life saver for me in my studying, I was not sure I could finish my studies without it”

This is also a statement from many other students who on a regular basis intake Advil. It’s even been called the Advil/Tylenol generation. It’s worrying how these students intake substances to perform better at school, this needs to be stopped.

Steven used to take Advil in the past but was endangered by the chemicals in Advil and wanted to find a more natural product, he researched properly for 3 months.

“It wasn’t easy to find out about Kratom, the information is limited and I came across it on a online forum before I started really using it, I had also looked at CBD but choose to go with Kratom as CBD could be frowned upon as it is Cannabis Oil”

“When you tell people you take Kratom they don’t know what it is and I can tell them it’s a supplement I use for my ADHD that works well, I’m not health professional I have just done some research and found something that works for me”

What do you think of this epidemic of substance usage amongst students? Let us know.


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